Big eye Mullet

One for the mullet run. Designed specifically for the October arrival of millions of mullet in Florida, the smaller fish have an obvious large eye that predators key in on.

Price Single: £3.00
Sizes: 6,4,2, 1/0, 2/0,

Blue Fritz Damsel

A variation on the ever popular Blue Flash Damsel, this little lure will keep you catching all day long. Why adding a bit of blue sparkle to a green fly is so effective no one knows but is has made the BFD the most popular fly in the Uk for several years running. This variation uses blue fritz for added flash and sparkle. Available with gold head (pictured) tungsten bead or just leaded.

Price Single: £1.50


The modern Competition scene has thrown up many new patterns but this has to be one of the best, tied using real seals fur and quality hackle this fly is one of most visible and durable dries around. Various colours are available. My first choices would be Black, Bibio, (Pictured) Red, Claret and Fiery Brown

Price Single: £1.50
Sizes: 10, 12, 14

Bunny Deceiver

Take a Lefty’s deceiver and add a strip of rabbit and this is what you get. A highly visible and durable fly for Pike, Musky or other freshwater predators. Can also be tied on Saltwater hooks if desired.

Price Single: £5.00

Claret Bumble

Kingsmill Moore’s famous fly from ” A Man May fish” Deadly for sea trout and pretty effective for Salmon too.

Price Single: £1.75
Sizes: 8, 10, 12

Competition Cat’s Whisker

A famous fly that is worth is weight in gold on the right day. Fished either as an attractor or as a fry pattern this fly has possible caught more trout than any other on the big reservoirs over the past 20 years
Unleaded, this fly is competition legal.

Price Single: £1.25
Sizes: 10, 12


The Cormorant as originally tied is a real killer fly. It is often thought to represent a hatching buzzer but to my mind is just one of those sparse patterns that can be mistaken for all sorts of food by a hungry fish. This is the original dressing. This fly is competition legal .

Price Single: £1.50
Sizes: 10, 12, 14

Cove Pheasant tail Nymph (variant)

Arthur Cove was a brilliant angler and innovator. He designed this nondescript fly for both rivers and Lakes. IOt is a simple combination of Hare’s ear and Pheasant tail but has proved deadly on most venues. We have added a beard hackle and feel this makes it a very good sedge pupae imitation . I have caught several very large roach on this pattern by accident too at both Bewl water and Eyebrook reservoir.

Price Single: £1.50
Sizes: 10, 12

Dinnett Blue

A fly tied specifically for a trip to Northern Ireland as guests of the Loughs Agency, this little fly accounted for a 3lb daytime seas trout on its first outing. Since then it has caught sea trout (not to mention a lot of browns) in many rivers.

Price Single: £1.50
Sizes: 10, 12, 14

Flash Daddy

The Flash Daddy is a variation of a traditional daddy long legs pattern. The addition of a bit of gold sparkle has doubled its catch rate for me. The extended micro chenille body can be soaked in floatant to make this fly almost unsinkable or, if left untreated, will sit the body of the fly down into the surface film.

Can be fished singly as a true dry fly or on a washing line set up or even pulled on a floating line. Great in a big wave.

Price Single: £1.50
Sizes: 8,10,12 Short shank

Green Butt Skunk

A traditional hairwing pattern popular for both Steelhead and Pacific Salmon

Price Single: £2.50
Sizes: 6,8,10,12,14

Halfback nymph

An American classic this is one of my most effective small still water patterns. It represents a dragonfly larva, a food source neglected by most anglers but these large nymphs are found in almost all waters and loved by trout which seldom pass up the opportunity to eat them. Fish this fly deep and slow.

Price Single: £1.50
Sizes: 8 ,10,12,14 long shank

Peccary Klinkhamer

A version of the famous klinkhamer this fly in enhanced by the body being made of a peccary bristle which when wound gives great segmentation. The hi-visibility wing post aids the angler when fishing in shade or at long distance. Can be tied with different colour posts for differing conditions.

Price Single: £2.00
Sizes: 10,12,14

Taser Nymph

The use of the conduction wire from a police Taser in this nymph makes it unique. The wire is a copper colour, enclosed in a clear plastic sheath. This makes it very translucent and when would over a coloured base gives the fly an internal glow.
Available in any colour combination to suit your local waters.

Price Single: £1.75
Sizes: 10, 12

The Bullet

A real killer for rivers and still waters.

Price Single: £1.50
Sizes: 12,14