Family flies and old favourites.

I can copy almost any fly that you may have, so if you are down to the last one of Grandad’s secret pattern  just send me a good quality photograph or the fly itself and I’ll give you a quote. Any sample flies will be returned with your order.

Design your own fly patterns

Work with me to design your own pattern. No matter how weird or wonderful I promise not to laugh!. The process is very easy. You come up with the idea, send me a drawing or a detailed description. I will source the hooks and materials and then I will interpret your design and tie the fly to your specifications. You will then be sent the fly for approval.

We may have to repeat the process once or twice to get exactly what you want but once you are finally happy with the design I will tie your order. You only pay on receipt of your ordered flies and only if you are completely happy.

Simply call me to discuss or send me a drawing of your design.

The minimum order initially is for 1 dozen flies of 1 pattern (can be mixed sizes ). Thereafter there will be no minimum.

If you want to make simple changes to a standard fly  (i.e. putting a red rib instead of gold on a Greenwell’s glory) or just want me to copy an existing original fly, then there is no minimum order. However in the unlikely event I have to buy in materials a minimum charge may apply.

Prices start from £12 per dozen for the simplest flies