Pro Teams

I have been lucky enough to be asked to join the pro teams of several companies involved in fly fishing and fly tying.

I have been on the Whiting Pro team for 7 years. Currently I am the only English tier on the team.

Whiting farms in Colorado USA, produce the finest genetic cock capes on the planet. They have thinner stems, higher barb count and better natural colours than any of the competitors. Add to this a full range of saddles, hens and specialist feathers and you can see why I am happy to be associated with them.

Check out their website for a full range of products.

Partridge of Redditch have a tradition going back to the earliest days of English hook making.

Mark Hamnett of Fishing Matters purchased the Partridge brand in Oct. 2009 and is bringing it back to the forefront of fly tying hook suppliers. Mark is working with tiers in several countries to design and improve hooks for all aspects of fly tying. The latest new hooks are the Traditional spider in sizes 12,14,16,18 and the Patriot Stinger hooks. In addition new small sizes of the popular Klinkhamer, Klinkhamer extreme and Czech nymph hooks are out now! In 2013 Partridge introduced the K3A Stillwater heavy wire hook, ideal for Loch style lures and wet flies and the new Intruder shanks and hooks

Bug Bond a UV cured resin that replaces Epoxy in nearly every instance. It is also useful for many other applications.  Bug Bond cures in as little as 3 seconds and is the only UV cured product that dries with no tacky finish. If you do experience any problems it is usually because you are using a substitute torch or your batteries are running down.

The Flymen fishing company are responsible for the development of Fish Skull and Nymph Head beads. They provide a range of styles and colours to suit all aspects of Trout and Predator fishing.Look out for the new articulated bodies.