Well I’ve fished three times this past week, in very different conditions. Tuesday at Henfold lakes in a sea of mud, the lake had been up over the banks for a few days following torrential rain.  The inlet stream was colouring the water to a rich milky coffee colour. I drew at the deep end of the lake and struggled for a couple of crucian carp and one lone skimmer and a load of tine roach  for about 8lbs. While others did worse, I was nowhere near framing.  Wednesday wasn’t much better, Willow park, small lake. Another flooded lake but this time with a bitter wind in my face. No carp showed on our bank they were all on the lee shore and I was able to watch two anglers knocking out large carp all day. My bag, 15lbs of skimmers, put me third in section but again nowhere near the leaders. Friday was a much better day, a combination of teaching and fishing with the lads from Weybridge Cricket Club. Cheriton Lakes were also a mud bath but the fishing was OK. We all caught a lot of small carp, rudd and some huge gudgeon. The anglers were divided into two teams and in the end the event was won by a 6oz margin.  Finally i’m catching up with my contributions to other websites, here’s a link ot a short piece for Partridge of Redditch:-  http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.uk/blog/fly-friday-157-fire-imp-chris-reeves