A busy week

Well I’ve fished three times this past week, in very different conditions. Tuesday at Henfold lakes in a sea of mud, the lake had been up over the banks for a few days following torrential rain.  The inlet stream was colouring the water to a rich milky coffee colour. I drew at the deep end of the lake and struggled for a couple of crucian carp and one lone skimmer and a load of tine roach  for about 8lbs. While others did worse, I was nowhere near framing.  Wednesday wasn’t much better, Willow park, small lake. Another flooded lake but this time with a bitter wind in my face. No carp showed on our bank they were all on the lee shore and I was able to watch two anglers knocking out large carp all day. My bag, 15lbs of skimmers, put me third in section but again nowhere near the leaders. Friday was a much better day, a combination of teaching and fishing with the lads from Weybridge Cricket Club. Cheriton Lakes were also a mud bath but the fishing was OK. We all caught a lot of small carp, rudd and some huge gudgeon. The anglers were divided into two teams and in the end the event was won by a 6oz margin.  Finally i’m catching up with my contributions to other websites, here’s a link ot...

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Bling Spiders

I often get asked to tie flies that have appeared in magazines but seldon so soon after the magazine has been published.  This order for 6 each of the 4 featured patterns from the article was not a challenge and not really a custom tie but I loved the look of these flies. I will be tying and using them this season for sure both for reservoir loch style fishing and on any river where there is a chance of a sea trout or...

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London Fly Fair 2018

Last year I was in Australia for the first day of the inaugural London Fly Fair. I was told it was “OK” but the numbers were but as good as hoped for. So when asked to tie on the exhibition fly tiers row this year, I was expecting a fairly quiet day. Nothing could have been further from the truth! I was flat out busy! A constant stream of fly tiers and curious anglers kept me answering questions, demonstrating techniques and demonstrating flies. The standard of questions showed that the audience were indeed dedicated anglers and fly tiers, rather...

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A special 21st Birthday present

One of my recent requests was for a box of flies and a framed example of a fly, the name of which had been “invented ” and applied to a keen young fisherman. On the occasion of his 21st birthday his grandmother thought it would be fun to present him with a box of flies designed and named after his nickname. I decided to tie a Salmon double as Will, as the young man is called properly, was due to travel to Scotland for some salmon fishing later in the year. Ginger was clearly going to be a dominant...

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How to achieve consistency in Fly tying.

At the North Kent Branch of  “The Fly Dressers Guild” I was asked to speak about the FDG awards programme and how to attain consistency when tying flies of the same pattern, in order to achieve the high standards set by the awards. There are several factors that affect your consistency as a fly tier. Firstly the choice of materials. It is no good sitting down to tie a dozen identical flies unless you have a dozen sets of materials that are all the same. Sounds obvious I know, but for example, when choosing feathers from a cape or...

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About Me

I am an all round angler and have fished for many different species all over the world . I regularly compete in coarse and fly fishing matches . I have over 50 years of fishing experience.

I’ve been tying flies and flyfishing for over 35 years and I’m hugely passionate and enthusiastic about both.

I am a Level 2 coach for Coarse angling

I hold the Level 2 coaching qualification for Game angling

I’m qualified as a GAIA Fly Tying instructor

I have also successfully completed a fly fishing guiding course at an Orvis endorsed lodge in the United States

Professional bodies
I am  a member of the Professional Anglers Association (PAA).

I am a member of the Angling Trust coach licence scheme

I am insured with the Angling Trust, under the Coach licence scheme.

I am also insured with the Professional Anglers Association

I hold a current First Aid certificate

I am DBS checked and have completed a Safeguarding course.