Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger Dressing Hook:- Long shank lure size 6 to 14 Silk:- Uni Thread, 8/0 hot orange. Tail:- Olive Green Marabou Flash:- 2 strands olive crystal flash Rib:- Fine silver wire Body:- Green and black varigated chenille...

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Taser Flies

Here are a few ideas for patterns that can be tied with the Taser wire Taser Nymph Hook :- Long shank nymph size 10 or 12 Thread :- 8/0 Black Tail :- Rust coloured Marabou Body :- Taser wire Thorax;- Peacock herl Wing Case:-...

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The Icelandic gold head buzzer

The pattern for this fly was given to me by Hans van Klinken who stressed repeatedly that it must be tied on a gold hook and the gold must glow through the dressing. It is designed for char fishing in clear water – see...

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The Mini Puff

This is easy to tie, very effective and cheap to make. Again it is an upside down pattern, Remember to tie the eyes on the top of the hook shank or it will fish upside down. Dressing Hook:-  Any small short shank saltwater hook...

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About Me

I am an all round angler and have fished for many different species all over the world . I regularly compete in coarse and fly fishing matches . I have over 50 years of fishing experience.

I’ve been tying flies and flyfishing for over 35 years and I’m hugely passionate and enthusiastic about both.

I am a Level 2 coach for Coarse angling

I hold the Level 2 coaching qualification for Game angling

I’m qualified as a GAIA Fly Tying instructor

I have also successfully completed a fly fishing guiding course at an Orvis endorsed lodge in the United States

Professional bodies
I am  a member of the Professional Anglers Association (PAA).

I am a member of the Angling Trust coach licence scheme

I am insured with the Angling Trust, under the Coach licence scheme.

I am also insured with the Professional Anglers Association

I hold a current First Aid certificate

I am DBS checked and have completed a Safeguarding course.