The White Prince

THE WHITE PRINCE Dressing Hook:- Scorpion Long Shank nymph, size 8 to 14 Silk :-   Black 6/0 Tail :-   Two white goose biots tied in back to back to form a V shape Body:-  Peacock herl, 3 strands wrapped over lead wire underbody Rib:-     Fine silver tinsel or wire Wing cases:- Two white goose biots tied flat across back of fly in V shape Hackle :- Genetic silver badger , henny cock or hen or similar pale hackle Tying Method ( 1 )  Start by winding about 8 turns of lead wire on the hook. I always wind the...

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The Mini Puff

This is easy to tie, very effective and cheap to make. Again it is an upside down pattern, Remember to tie the eyes on the top of the hook shank or it will fish upside down. Dressing Hook:-  Any small short shank saltwater hook (Tiemco 811S, for example) Thread:- White or pink 6/0 Body:-  Chenille wrapped around eyes only Wing:- Calf tail and two grizzle hackle points Eyes:- Bead chain 1) Tie in the eyes tightly on top of the hook shank, leave about 2mm of space in front of the eyes. Varnish and leave to dry, this ensures the eyes do not slip around the hook during fishing. 2) Tie in the calf tail – I don’t stack for this fly as I like a more straggly effect than on the Crazy Charley. Add a little sparkle and two grizzle hackle points, one on either side of the hook. 3) Tie the chenille around the eyes in a figure of eight wrap. Use a chenille that is fine enough to wrap in figure of eights and strong enough to get some tension into it. You need a tight durable head. Whip finish at the head. I tie this fly with calf tail and hackle points but it was originally just a hackle point wing. Both are equally effective. For a third variation try using Ultra hair for the wing. Fishing...

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The Crazy Charlie

Bob Nauheim originally tied this fly to emulate glass minnows but soon realized that the bonefish were taking it as a shrimp. Instead of naming the fly after himself like so many other tiers he named it after his guide “Bonefish Charlie Smith”. When it first took fish, Charlie could not stop saying “Dat fly nasty!” because of the staring eyes. The fly was then called ‘Nasty Charlie’. Bob took the fly pattern to Key West and showed it to Captain Jan Isley who had great success with it on the fussy Keys bonefish. Jan was the first to...

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The Indestructible Clouser Minnow

This fly was shown to me by a Florida guide. On one trip, I took about 50 ladyfish and snappers on it. By the end of the day, all the epoxy had been eaten off the head. The guide just took the fly home and re-applied epoxy and the following day it took another twenty fish. The hook rusts away before the dressing falls off this fly. Dressing  Hook :-  Mustad 33004 size 2 to 8 Thread:-   6/0 white Madiera thread Weight:-  Gold dumbbell eyes Tail:-  White synthetic hair with 6 strands of flash material Gills:-  Red thread Wing:-  Chartreuse synthetic hair Head:-  Epoxy Steps in tying 1) Insert a 2/0 to 4/0 saltwater hook into the vice. For this pattern I prefer to use Mustad hooks as they are cheap but very strong and reliable. 2) Using a fluorescent green thread build up a solid ball of thread approximately 5mm back from the eye. 3) Using figure of eight wraps, tie in a set of dumbbell eyes on top of the ball of thread, on the top of the shank. The ball of thread fills the gap in the middle of the dumbbell and gives it stability. 4) Return the silk to the head and tie in white nylon hair (fish hair) in a bunch about 2mm wide. The fish hair should extend beyond the bend for about 2/3...

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The Klinkhamer

Probably one of the finest grayling emergers ever, this fly was invented by the now retired Dutch Army officer, Hans Van Klinken. However this parachute emerger is one of the most misunderstood and badly tied flies in commercial catalogues. Hans tied his original flies on large curved hooks and improved the way the fly sat in the water by putting a slight bend in the front part of the shank behind the eye to allow the wing post to stand vertically while the body hung down at a 45 degree angle. This hook is now available as the Partridge...

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About Me

I am an all round angler and have fished for many different species all over the world . I regularly compete in coarse and fly fishing matches . I have over 50 years of fishing experience.

I’ve been tying flies and flyfishing for over 35 years and I’m hugely passionate and enthusiastic about both.

I am a Level 2 coach for Coarse angling

I hold the Level 2 coaching qualification for Game angling

I’m qualified as a GAIA Fly Tying instructor

I have also successfully completed a fly fishing guiding course at an Orvis endorsed lodge in the United States

Professional bodies
I am  a member of the Professional Anglers Association (PAA).

I am a member of the Angling Trust coach licence scheme

I am insured with the Angling Trust, under the Coach licence scheme.

I am also insured with the Professional Anglers Association

I hold a current First Aid certificate

I am DBS checked and have completed a Safeguarding course.