Last weekend I got an email from a guy who had found this website . He was down to the last two copies of a fly his father had tied. “Stan’s Fly” as he called it was a proven killer and had got him out of trouble on many occasions. However he was unable to find an exact copy in any tackle shop or online catalogue. He asked if I could copy it from a photograph. The photo he sent me is below

Better than nothing but not ideal to work from

This gave me a good idea that the fly was actually a bibio emerger pattern tied “Raider style” i.e. with no wing or hackle just lots of dubbing brushed out on the top to provide flotation. The rib seemed to be stretched pearl tinsel. However, Martin thought the fur was rabbit so I was a bit dubious and asked him to send me one of his precious last two flies. This duly arrived and my initial analysis proved to be correct, equal parts black, red, black seals fur and a pearl mylar rib. The hook was a Kamasan B400 light wire hook, size 12. The fly was a bit tatty from use but easy to copy. I set to work and in around 70 minutes had completed the order of 18 flies identical to the sample. As they are easy to tie my charges are reflected in this and so they only cost Martin £1.50 each. I send the flies with an invocie and expect payment only if the customer is happy. A cheque arrived a couple of days later together with a nice note, “Dear Chris, Thank you ever so much for the flies. I am most impressed with them v. I am so glad I got in contact, the turnaround and quality of service has been excellent. Tight Lines, Martin. “

So that’s how it works, If you have a fly you want copied or a pattern you would like tweaked, get in touch. No order is too small and so far, no job has been too difficult.