This will probably have been my last competitive outing of the year and frankly the way it has been that is a good thing. I have been catching well in practice only for the wheels to come off during the match. This event was no different. I had a few fish on a difficult practice day and plenty of interest in the form of takes, swirls and follows but come match day, in identical conditions I was totally ignored for 6 hours by the fish. Finally in desperation at the end of the day I threw on a DI3 and a 6″ pink snake and took three fish in quick succession although one of them spat the hook at the boat. The winning team fared much better returning a total of 26 fish between the four of them. Their method, simple really two hoppers on a midge tip held up by a small FAB on the point. The best fly? The Bibio hopper.
A step by step will follow but to whet your appetite here is the finished fly.