It is with great sadness that I add Dick to my list of famous tiers, I first met him 10 years ago at the Somerset New Jersey Fly tying Symposium. He was always friendly and helpful and surrounded by a crowd of enraptured fans. He invariably shared a table with Marla Blair and their double act brightened every show. Dick’s birthday usually coincided with the show and there was often a special act to celebrate the event.It was Dick’s approach-ability that enabled the public to see close up what a great tier he was. He was also a gifted instructor and many a tier has taken inspiration from his book and lessons. A long-time fly tying writer and columnist for American Angler and Fly Tyer magazines, he was also the author of Trout flies for the 21st Century, Inside fly tying, Modern fly tying materials and many others. Dick was also an instructor who taught fly fishing and fly tying in several countries

Dick was not afraid to break convention and happily finished his flies with superglue instead of varnish, He innovated and redesigned established patterns. He was probably best known for his New England style streamers and salmon patterns