This fly was shown to me by a Florida guide. On one trip, I took about 50 ladyfish and snappers on it. By the end of the day, all the epoxy had been eaten off the head. The guide just took the fly home and re-applied epoxy and the following day it took another twenty fish. The hook rusts away before the dressing falls off this fly.
Hook :-  Mustad 33004 size 2 to 8
Thread:-   6/0 white Madiera thread
Weight:-  Gold dumbbell eyes
Tail:-  White synthetic hair with 6 strands of flash material
Gills:-  Red thread
Wing:-  Chartreuse synthetic hair
Head:-  Epoxy
Steps in tying
1) Insert a 2/0 to 4/0 saltwater hook into the vice. For this pattern I prefer to use Mustad hooks as they are cheap but very strong and reliable.
2) Using a fluorescent green thread build up a solid ball of thread approximately 5mm back from the eye.
3) Using figure of eight wraps, tie in a set of dumbbell eyes on top of the ball of thread, on the top of the shank. The ball of thread fills the gap in the middle of the dumbbell and gives it stability.
4) Return the silk to the head and tie in white nylon hair (fish hair) in a bunch about 2mm wide. The fish hair should extend beyond the bend for about 2/3 of the length of the hook. Overwrap the belly hair to the hook shank behind the dumbbell eye for half the length of the shank with red thread to suggest gills.
5) Turn the fly over in the vice and tie in 6 strands of a flash material, colour to match the wing. I prefer “Krystal flash” as its stiffness complements the nylon hair.
6) Tie in a wing of nylon hair; use approximately twice as much as for the belly of the fly. Make sure the flash material is not obscured. Whip finish and cover the whole head and eyes with epoxy.
My favourite colours are brown wing with white belly, chartreuse wing with white belly, orange wing and yellow belly, red wing and yellow belly and one all in pink.
Fishing Notes
For me this fly is best fished on an intermediate line with quick six to twelve inch strips. The pink one is often taken on the drop and is especially good for Spanish Mackerel.